CARES supports better understanding of the world through the use of information-based tools and processes

Since 1992, the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) has been working to integrate the use of technology and information in decision making processes.  Our early work was applied to better understanding natural resource systems and evaluating risks to public health.  Partnerships with other researchers applied our approach to rural policy and rural health issues.  Currently, we are working in a number of health and community based areas, partnering with foundations, non-profits, government agencies, and researchers on a variety of topics.

CARES has a recognized role as an interdisciplinary center in the Division of Applied Social SciencesCollege of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) at the University of Missouri.  Our full-time staff specializes in information management and analysis, and has extensive experience working with others to make meaning of available data.

Over the years, CARES has worked extensively with geographic information system (GIS) technology and data.  CARES was an early adopter of web-based mapping systems, and continues to innovate and extend the field to many subject areas.  We have also employed the use of on-line content management systems, supporting interaction and information sharing between groups with common interests.  Through making information more accessible, usable, and understandable, we are striving to enable an audience ranging from government leaders to rural citizens to community activists to better succeed within our world.