Mike Barbaro

Michael Barbaro

Mike is a Programmer/Analyst who works on a variety of projects and platforms at CARES. Over the years, Mike transformed his career from that of a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technician into that of a programmer where he is able to leverage the communicative power of the internet with his love of maps and data. Many moons ago, Mike began his training in classic ASP when working on an archive project with the National Park Service in addition to the development of an online tool to determine degrees of rurality based on user’s location. Eventually Mike moved on to new platforms including ASP.NET when developing the Community Issues Management (CIM) system, an online tool for use by local communities around the country. Currently, Mike and other programmers at CARES have deployed a brand new website called Community Commons which has refined Mike’s skills in the open-source arenas of PHP, WordPress, MySql, etc. Part of this work includes development of a map-based mobile application for users to upload location-based data into the Commons. Prior coming to CARES, Mike received a BA from¬†Augustana College (Illinois) and a MA in Geography from the University of Missouri.